Thursday, September 8, 2011

GLOBAL Feng Shui

In respect to Feng Shui, we are currently living in a 20 year period called KEN. It's a period of "young" genius, integrity and spirituality at work.

It's my hope, along with millions of other human beings on the planet, that we as a PEOPLE seek PEACE over war, and LOVE over anger and hatred. As a global community, our HEALTH and WELFARE is dependent on it.

Below are three "wonderful" videos that exemplify the genius and humanitarian acts required in science and the arts for this new paradigm to reach critical mass.

Please share the below information with your city, state, province, territory and/or country officials.  It's currently being utilized in Japan for housing, and areas around the world where excessive flooding, fires and/or wars exist. It can even be used under the sea.  The creative geniuses in the UK who invented this amazing product are selling it with "integrity," to help citizens of the world.

Click here: Tents that turn into concrete in less than 24 hours

Before you bash or boycott Israel, please watch this video. Per capita they have more young geniuses involved in the sciences and arts than any other country in the world. This video is not a political statement; it's a sophisticated satire on Israel's enormous contribution to mankind.

Jewish Inventions! Must see! - Stormfront

The Chinese introduced the art and science of Feng Shui to the world, now they are showing us what "exquisite" GRACE, HARMONY and BEAUTY looks like, in this KEN period of history.  It's a spectacular video you will not want to miss.

The 4th Confucius Institute Conference

Living life consciously, we can make a 
POWERFUL and EMPOWERING difference on the Planet

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feng Shui and EM Energy

Feng Shui and Electromagnetic Energy

The SIX questions below all have the same answer, do you know what the answer is ..?
  • Based on the system you use, which is my best money/career placement or direction?

  • I am going to buy a house and I am not sure about what direction I should look for... I am Soft Wood element?

  • I'm looking for a job the last few months but I fail. Please tell me what Feng Shui to use. I have tried money frog & lots more. Please help me?

  • My husband is Hard Wood and I am Mother Earth. What is the best direction for our home to face?

  • Recent run of confusing happenings and wonder how to bring the balance back. I live in a high rise on the 16th floor, my bedroom faces east and I share with another flat mate?

  • What color should I paint my west facing front door?

ANSWER: I get hundreds of questions like this, year after year, usually from new TRUTH & TIPS subscribers. In my opinion, the most important starting point in Feng Shui is to learn WHAT YOUR PERSONAL FENG SHUI ELEMENT IS and how to CAPITALIZE on it..!

Listening to your FS element audio again and again, will give you answers to the questions above... PLUS more.

After practicing the information that applies to YOU, the next step is to advance your Feng Shui learning with our FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT program, or Feng Shui Certification course which includes the above and more.

All of Feng Shui Plaza's educational products are digital AUDIBLE programs that you can download onto your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, MP3 player and/or onto your computer... allowing you the ability to learn Feng Shui anytime, anywhere - 24/7..! Click here to check things out.

QUESTION: I've been reading quite a bit about EMF's and how you should sleep with your head away from the wall which is different than what I have learned in this course. Even with an EMF protector, these reports say keep your head away from walls due to all of the wiring. Can you please let me know your thoughts?

ANSWER: There is a tendency in life to take things to an extreme. The truth is ... in our cities we live in saturated fields of EM energy. So, whatever EM device you can use to reduce the effects of low frequency radiation around you, I highly recommend doing.

If you do not have a solid or thick headboard, then moving your bed away from the wall 5-6 inches is helpful as well. I also recommend adding "baby" plugs to all electric sockets not in use throughout your home. In addition, a power/surge control that you can turn off at night for electrical devices in your bedroom and office is helpful as well.

However, short of turning OFF all circuit breakers at night and building a solid concrete wall around and above your home to shield you, EM energy is unavoidable. Thus, I still advocate sleeping with your head near a solid wall in one of your best Feng Shui directions!

QUESTION: I had a fall out with a close friend a few years ago. We barely communicate still and never get together any more. What Feng Shui cure can I use to rebuild our friendship (especially the communication part). Thank you.

ANSWER: In Feng Shui there is no "separation" in ENERGY from animate or inanimate objects, including human beings. So, even if you feel you have been wronged, I would start by reaching out with an apology. An apology is like FORGIVENESS - it frees you as well as the other person from the illusion of "separation," which in turn allows people to come together in truth.. LOVE. Love does not judge or condemn; love opens up endless possibilities.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Feng Shui Peace and Serenity

What would Your life be like if you simply

Daniel A Miller

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What if you let events unfold without resisting? Accepted people for who they are instead of trying to change them? Stopped telling your family what's best for them? Quit pressing so much at work?

Critically acclaimed Losing Control, Finding Serenity: How the Need to Control Hurts Us and How To Let It Go explains that when you let go of control, your blinders come off and you can engage in life's currents in an intuitive and expansive manner and discover life's possibilities. The rewards are unexpected and often exciting. Conflicts diminish. Fear and anxiety lessen. Family bonds strengthen. Intimate relations become more intimate. Creative horizons expand. Work becomes less stressful and more profitable.By learning to let go of control, Daniel Miller, successful businessman and author of How to Invest in Real Estate Syndicates, became a fine artist, a published poet, a champion tennis player, a happily married man, and a much wiser parent - all while cutting his work time by more than half.

"I was given your book as a gift in my 70th birthday year. I never thought of myself as a controlling person until I saw myself in every chapter. I've read it two times and now flip random pages. My life has changed for the better since letting go of control with my five sons and my relationship. Now opportunities come to me surprisingly effortlessly. Thank you Dan for sharing your story - it is very courageous of you to do. Because of your book I am experiencing mental peace and liberation."

Rahamim Ron - Israel

"This book is worth a course of therapy! It's for anyone who has ever been weighed down by the delusion that sheer will and control could deliver a desired outcome."

Barbara A. La Salle- MFT, Author of "Finding Ben"

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LOSING CONTROL FINDING SERENITY works; I KNOW because I know the author personally!

Danny LIVES the tenets of his writing - he's a wonderful father, husband, brother and son to his parents - now married 70 years. Not only that, he's an entrepreneur extraordinaire who works smart, not hard - a couple days a month. He lives a richly Blessed and Abundantly GENEROUS life - not because he's lucky, but because he discovered that living life "artfully" requires skill and knowledge - both which he shares openly and freely in his book. It's an EMPOWERING read that I know you will enjoy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BEFORE and AFTER Feng Shui

BEFORE and AFTER Feng Shui ..!

Dear Suzee,

I hope you like the AFTER landscape photos of our home!! We are very proud of how our garden looks. We actively used your guidance to evaluate our choices and to steer away from properties that did not work for us. While this was frustrating we knew better to be safe than sorry.

We finally found the one and you agreed that the last home met our specific requirements and got your blessing. Per your Feng Shui instruction we started with the land and structure have been reforming the colors and landscape to create an optimal environment. We love the peaceful serenity you helped us create and we are flourishing in our new home. You said the property was good for people and money and in less than a year of moving in, Stephen has completed two successful acquisition/mergers in his business and is joining a local community service group! Our home is now the center-point of family gatherings bringing joy to all. I continue to excel at work and enjoy helping redesign our dream home. We have diligently followed your directives since our first consultation with you in April 2008, and know we are now where we should be. We look forward to our future and will continue to seek your guidance in creating a harmonious living environment annually.

We are thrilled. Our home is truly a dream come true for us!!


With Blessings,

Monika Hormaza Williams - Electrical Engineer with Sprint
Stephen Williams - Owner/GYLDecauwer CPA Firm

CONGRATULATIONS Monika and Stephen Williams for creating PEACE, SERENITY and BEAUTY with Feng Shui!

BRAVO on a dream well done!!!

Now you can consult FACE to FACE with Suzee from any place in the World .. via SKYPE!!!

Skype is a F.REE service and easy to use. More importantly, it takes your Feng Shui consulting experience to a new level of Vision, Clarity, and POWERFUL Results.

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In just ONE hour - WE can create a Masterpiece Together..!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feng Shui and ELEMENTS

Click here to listen while you read or work

Feng Shui and ELEMENTS

QUESTION: How many fish do we have to have in a fish bowl
and what kind and where, I own a preschool in Mexico. Thank you!

ANSWER: The Chinese believe in - 8 or 9 fish per tank, with at least one black fish to bring into balance YANG energy. EIGHT represents PRESENT WEALTH, and NINE represents present and future wealth combined. In Western Feng Shui, the best placement is in the Wealth or Career gua.

QUESTION: My daughter has a terrible boss. Now they have changed her desk and she wants to know which direction should she sit. I think she is the east group, but I was told not to face the east this year.

ANSWER: You can discover her personal Feng Shui element at www.chiquiz.com The East location is a difficult area inside properties and on the planet in general this year; however, this does not mean that "facing" East should be avoided. The confusion lies in two different schools of Feng Shui... Lo-Shu flying stars vs. Eight Mansions.

QUESTION: What is mountain earth, and mother earth mean?

ANSWER: They represent two different Trigrams, KEN (Mountain or youngest son) and K'UN (Mother or oldest woman) in Chinese. Your personal trigram covers valuable information that encompasses things from health challenges, colors, power colors and directions, numbers ... to body types and best houses to live in. Again, you can click on the CHI QUIZ link above to order one or more Feng Shui element downloads and start learning more about Feng Shui, today.

QUESTION: I found out I am Hard Wood. I need money to holiday, would it help to buy a lotto with my number 3 and buy it in a shop who point east? Kindly, Lola from Denmark

ANSWER: It can't hurt but it probably won't help either Lola! Feng Shui is about uniting time, people, space and the environment as one integral entity. When we achieve this state of GRACE - "balance" in our inner and outer lives - we attract opportunity, blessings, and good fortune to us, effortlessly. The rest is just fun and games!

CLIENT SUCCESS with Feng Shui..!

Aloha Suzee and Joyce,

I just wanted to update you on the results which have transpired since my business reading with Suzee last year.

This past year has been unbelievable!

Money seems to be appearing sometimes out of nowhere from many different sources. In addition to my business being steady and doing well in this weak economic period, I have been receiving passive income each month from another independent,
although related source. Each month, my passive income has accelerated and now it has stabilized at a steady level. I am ecstatic! Passive income has long been my dream come true!

Some days, money just seems to be coming to me effortlessly, almost like the commercial on TV, where every place a gentleman goes, he encounters people, dogs, and events which tap him on the shoulder, and say "Here, Sir. I think this belongs to you!"

Thank you Suzee and Joyce for all your efforts and assistance. Feng Shui really works! And Suzee is the best!

In gratitude,

Leia Melead, ND
Naturopathic Physician & Acupuncturist

Start living life ARTFULLY with Feng Shui.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feng Shui for EVERYONE

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Feng Shui for EVERYONE

How would you like to earn a PASSIVE INCOME turning other people on to something you "love and believe" in?


This is a F.REE invitation to join us in helping to heal the Earth and the Environment One Property and One Person at a time via ...Feng Shui.

All you need is an active website and email address, to become a Partner/Affiliate.

We supply you with everything you need to get started, and we do all the work for
you, while you earn a commission on every sale you send our way!!!

There is NO inventory to purchase, NO checks to write, NO shipping/handling or customer

service to deal with... we do everything for you, while you earn a passive (or active) income
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In less than TEN MINUTES... you can become a Partner/Affiliate and begin to EMPOWER others... friends, family, co-workers, web visitors, customers, clients, stagers, decorators, homeowners and/or REALTORS.

Our educational products appeal to every person and every professional in
every country in the world. It's a great way for college students to earn Money
while studying too..!!


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Subscribers

Dear Truth and Tip Subscriber,

Are you STUCK some place in life or in your career?

If so, Suzee's "unique" approach to client consultation combines several
schools of Feng Shui along with a 30 year PLUS study of metaphysics.

META - PHYSICS - Bigger/Larger/Beyond ... Physical life as we see or know it.


After our consultation call it was like all of the stress, anxiety and fear just melted right away and I felt balanced and calm again. We had such a nice evening as a family - a top priority for me again!!! Even my husband and I are in a much more loving place right now - having fun together again!

After sending light as you suggested I do, four days later a close friend called out of the blue and we were able to mend a misunderstanding in our relationship, which I'm very grateful for.

I also shifted my perception of a team-mate. I let go of my frustration and upset and instead offered her my support while she rebuilds her business. She cried with gratitude and joy, and so did I.

Honestly, I feel like a HUGE gorilla has been lifted off my back. Now I'm embracing co-creation, and I cannot tell you how good it feels.

I definitely understand where I need to set my intentions and move forward from here, thanks to you. The Yin energy concept was truly eye opening. I know with hard work I will be able to operate in this

5th dimensional realm of energy you taught me about.

Your talents and gifts are soooo appreciated and we are so blessed to be able to work with you! Thank you for sharing them with the world.

What an amazing lady you are, Suzee. One of my true heroes!

Much love always,


P.S. Thanks for the article too!

Kelly Rehborg
Regional Manager - lia sophi jewelry



How much is your health and life worth?

Real success is not about getting to the future faster, it's about LIVING LIFE


Schedule a Feng Shui META Consultation with Suzee and start enjoying the time of your life now!

Availability is limited during the summer months, so make sure to book a date today.

Self-study audio/print programs are available online at www.FengShuiPlaza.com as well.

To your Happiness & Success,

Joyce Zook
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