Friday, December 17, 2010

Feng Shui and the Holidays

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TOPIC: Feng Shui and the Holidays

QUESTION: How do I overcome the holiday blues at this time of the year. Am I the only one who gets down?

ANSWER: NO. It's a known fact that more than 50% of the world population experiences some form of grief or depression between November 15th and December 31st of the calendar year.

Rightfully so too.

This year alone, we have lost hundreds of thousands of lives due to natural causes, catastrophic diseases, accidents, horrific earth and sea disasters, along with loss of lives due to war.

In addition, this year, economic chaos ushered in tremendous hardship for millions of Americans and global citizens worldwide. While many people, businesses and financial institutions have prospered in phenomenal ways, others have lost ground and self-worth in countless other ways.

Unfortunately, the season IS a mixed bag of blessings and sadness for all. Nonetheless, it's the perfect time of year to be GRATEFUL to be alive, to be THANKFUL for the people in our lives, and to CHERISH the memory of those who will forever be a part of our lives. Because there is no separation in energy, every human life and every human loss affects us at a deep heart and emotional level, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Thus why it is important to Feng Shui, and to update the Feng Shui of your home and office on an annual basis to stay in BALANCE.

As a New Year's gift to you, I will provide you with F.REE remedies and enhancements for your home and office for 2011... via a podcast in January.

Until then, on behalf of everyone at FENG SHUI PARADIGMS, I wish you a New Year of REJUVENATION, HAPPINESS and PEACE.

Suzee Miller

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