Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feng Shui Locations!

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QUESTION: My house is located on a curve, which has a short street containing two houses on the side of my house, which face my house. The problem is that these two houses and a house behind me leave their outside lights on, which illuminates my house. Is this good or bad?

ANSWER: Light is actually a GOOD remedy for your particular location. YANG energy - lights - counteract the negative aspects of this location and protect you and your family from misfortune!

QUESTION: How do I offset or block forces from a Y shape street fronting our house. Our house is in the corner of 2 streets. The other street produced two mini streets crossing our house.

ANSWER: A house located inside a "Y" intersection is one of the most difficult Feng Shui locations, as it chokes the mouth of Chi and typically cuts off several gua areas of the land as well. This in turn cuts off opportunity and good fortune, and can affect the health of the occupants as well

This is one of the rare occasions where I recommend placing a convex mirror on the eve of the property ... facing the inverted Y. Also, adding lights aimed away from the house helps too.

In addition, you will want to add landscaping to divert fast moving CHI (energy) away from the house. As a family, you will also want to set a "powerful" INTENTION for the land to protect all occupants inside the home as well.

QUESTION: My house is a L shape house. It doesn't have the north west part. What should I do, I need to be successful in my life (health, wealth, happiness)

ANSWER: Regardless what you have read in books, an "L" shaped property may prove to be more beneficial than disastrous! If the protruding portion is less than 50% of the width of the house, it actually creates an EXENSION of good luck. If it's more than 50%, then you have a missing corner that can be remedied with landscaping or fencing.

Subscriber Comment
from Bolivia - South America

"Hi, I am a customer of yours for 4 years now. I live in La Paz, Bolivia and yesterday I purchased the download Color Your Listing Sold. I started listening at 10:30 p.m. last night, and since it was late, I was going to listen to the recordings only for an hour and would continue the next day, but I could not stop, it was too interesting and I finished the course the same night!

I buy your annual forecast each year, I cannot live without your yearly Feng Shui Forecast seminar.

I would like to let you know that a few years ago, my husband lost his job, he was unemployed for two years, we were desperate (we have 3 children). A few years now I study and practice natural, healing energy, natural remedies and also I have been studying metaphysics. During that time, the Feng Shui word came to me via the internet. I found your site, others too which I studied, but liked your way of doing Feng Shui because I do not relate with Chinese cures and enhancements.

I applied your yearly recommendations, subscribed to your site and two weeks after applying Feng Shui on my home, my husband received a call offering him a job. This was the Feng Shui miracle and gift that we received from the Universe! Since then, I always Feng Shui my house and my husbands work. I also taught my sister so she could Feng Shui her home and office. We also Feng Shui my brothers business too. We cannot live without Feng Shui anymore. My two older kids moved to France to study at the university in Lyon and my sisters daughter moved to the US to study there. All three of them Feng Shui their apartments, they send us their plans and we send them the cures and enhancements (yours). All of them are doing great at their studies, all are great kids. I still have one 13 year old son living with us, his room is also Feng Shui'd and he does great at school too.

Feng Shui is the best resource that everybody should have in order to live a better life.

My best regards and love to Suzee Miller.

From this far land, Bolivia,

Evelyn Cayoja

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