Monday, March 7, 2011

Feng Shui Placement of Photos

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FENG SHUI Placement of Photos ...!

QUESTION: How do I know what my best health direction is for my bedroom?

ANSWER: Your best HEALTH direction is based on your date of birth and your gender, not on your bedroom.

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QUESTION: Is a home located on a flag lot considered good or bad Feng Shui?

ANSWER: 90% of the time it is considered BAD Feng Shui. People who live on flag lots usually experience hardship or misfortune
in one or more of the following areas: work, finances, health, love and/or problems with children or family members.

QUESTION: I am curious about photographs of ancestors who are long dead and whether it is detrimental to hang them up on the wall or beneficial in Feng Shui? I have a 16x20 black and white portrait of my great-great grandparents who came to Canada in 1856.

ANSWER: The appropriate place to hang or display family photos (living or deceased) is in the HEALTH & FAMILY gua area of a room, of a house, of an office, or on a hallway wall.

QUESTION: I am a Realtor and I am having difficulties attracting money in my business. Every time I have something on the go, when I think it will materialize, all of the sudden something happens and the deal is cancelled. Should I work on my home or my office first?

ANSWER: LAND first, home second ... office third!



"I'm very excited about my new wall in my office. I've attached the before and after photos for you Suzee. At your recommendation, I found artwork illustrating "connections" of my members across the country. I replaced the network cabling with a push pin map of all our members - it is so neat to see visually the locations of our network! I also hung photos of my various media appearances. Since my consultation with you 2 months ago, the shift in my business has been FANTASTIC!"

Dominique Molina
Certified Tax Coach,
CPA, Author

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