Saturday, June 26, 2010


Question: Hi Suzee, I am hunting for a house. There is this house with its back facing a temple, is it bad Feng Shui?

Answer: It depends if it's a Jewish synagogue or Buddhist temple. The former is like a church; it has happy and sad events that take place within - so lots of emotions can create Sha Chi. Thus the Chinese believe it is not good Feng Shui to live within a mile of a religious or sad facility ... like a cemetery.

A Buddhist temple, on the other hand, is about philosophy not religion. One can actually feel energized living next to or near a Temple such as this - as they are usually built on mountain tops or located in high energy vortexes.

Question: What is the correct location of the LOVE/ROMANCE section according to my BAGUA for my bedroom if I'm facing inside the door it's the upper right hand corner, correct?

Answer: You are correct! It is the upper right hand corner when using the Western Ba-gau approach to Feng Shui.

Question: Good afternoon, In what area of the house do Christian Religious icons go to? Thank you.

Answer: The best placement is in the SPIRITUALITY and/or HEALTH and FAMILY gua areas of the house; however, hallways and bathrooms can be utilized as well. The only exception to the above is within the sacred space of one's master bedroom and bath!

Question: I will soon start a business that will sell organic beauty products and would like to know what colors should I use in my web page. My business name is SolOOrganico and had made it in green, but I can change it since the business is not open yet. Thank you!!!

Answer: Green is GOOD for your type of business, as long as you also add FIRE to lift the energy on your home page. Without fire ... there will be little to no sales!

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Question: How do you protect yourself from negative energy that is directed to you by your boss/manager?

Answer: I believe in the saying: "LOVE your enemies and you will rob them of their ammunition!" Therefore, I would surround your boss in PINK (love) light and place his/her name in the FRIENDLY RELATIONS area of your office as well. Make sure to bless this person daily, and to let me know what happens! :)